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Film Tragedy

    26/11/2018. Berluttci, the Italian film producer I see in the BBC news has died today. I wish to see in these brief clips the same declaration of my heart.

    (SF) The Future is Known, the Past is Hidden
    In a society where the future can be predicted with certainty, C1 watches the results for the next election due in three months time. In the closest-run election ever, the
    Progressive Democratic Party will retain its majority which it has held for the past 1000 years. C1, C2 and C3 meet together because they notice they have the same death
    day. They discuss where they could go on holiday and the weather they will experience there. C2 decides to look at the archives of the Institute of History, and report back
    to the group. History is unknown before 2156, the date at which all data was erased and destroyed on the planet. Nevertheless, contemporaneous accounts after 2156 discuss
    the Third Hypnotic War which preceded it. It is known that Bornuj Daxa and the hypnotic general Ein-Eins were in control. Daxa died in mysterious circumstances and his
    body was frozen, C2 is unable to find where. Unusually, there is no recorded death of Ein-Eins at all. C2 obtains restricted information that had been overlooked from the
    archives. All elections are rigged. C1, C2 and C3 discuss attacking the government headquarters of the Progressive Democratic Party. C3 sees in a news flash that three
    terrorists will attack the headquarters of the Progressive Democratic Party in three weeks time, and will be shot dead. This is their death date. To defy the prediction, C1,
    C2 and C3 decide without weapons to declare the rigging of the elections by the Progressive Democratic Party. Making a declaration from the steps of the building, they
    are approached by armed robots, who shoot them dead.

    The Volcano is Dormant Forever
    Film type: Tragedy.
    Plot: Some guide of the present day presents his story of an extinct volcano on which the trip is guided, and recounts the story of Euripides, who in myth wrote a final play in which
    he ascended purportedly here as God, to defy and overcome the then living volcano and its fire, and become as he believed this God himself.
    At the end of one of his plays, Euripides is proclaimed by others, and knows himself, that he is the greatest tragedean of all time. Facing his own death, he declares himself a god,
    and despite the urgings of others, he turns them back and ascends a volcano to defy God, to his certain and horrible death.

    The Terrible Destruction of the Shoah and the Aftermath of the Moon Landings
    1. Hitler as a child is strongly beaten by his father.
    2. Hitler greets Richard Strauss in a performance of Electra in Berlin.
    3. Heisenberg meets Neils Bohr in Copenhagen. The Manhatten programme begins with Wigner delivering a letter from Einstein to Rooseveldt.
    4. Ettore Majorana questioned on antigravity research. He goes missing in a boat trip. Turns up heading the Nazi nuclear bomb programme in the Buchenwald Concentration
    5. Strauss pleads with Hitler for his relatives and takes a train to Auschwitz. Confronted at the gates trying to get in he is asked 'Are you mad?'
    6. Hitler agrees to the Duke of Windsor's plan to bomb London and install a Mosley government.
    7. Hitler, defeated by Peronist strategy at the battle of Kursk, instructs Bormann to lead Nazi submergence and evacuation plan to South America.
    8. Nazis tell him Jewish scientists have leaked antigravity vacuum research to Satanist von Neumann. Himmler describes Bormann as 'that nasty man'.
    9. Peenemunde bombed. Martin Bormann, pursued by Soviet troops commits suicide.
    10. In the ruins of Berlin, Hitler shoots his alsatian and proceeds by underground tunnels out of the Bunker with Eva Braun. They meet Franco at Barcelona airport and proceed
    via Ascencion to Argentina.
    11. Hitler and Eva Braun go to an inaccessible ranch in Argentina with a good climate.
    12. A U-boat carrying Nazi bomb material arrives in New York.
    13. Peron starts Argentinan aircraft industry. Evita Peron gives labour rights.
    14. Klaus Barbie makes weekly trips between Argentina and CIA Headquarters in the US.
    15. von Braun heads US Moon programme.
    16. Hitler and Eva have third child. Hitler says he does not mind killing people, that way less animals get killed.
    17. Barbie captured in a restaurant by a Mossad agent.
    18. Peron slashes Agentine University research to prevent thermonuclear programme.
    19. Evita Peron poisoned. Mass grief.
    20. Eva Braun divorces Hitler. Hitler watches Moon landings on TV.
    21. Ettore Majorana develops Time Capsule to preserve Hitler.
    22. Peron has secret meeting in Franco's Spain with Che Guevara telling him 'he was dealing with forces he did not understand'.
    23. Bini (Ettore) with white hair has conversatons with a CERN employee in Switzerland, asking questions on a Mars colony.

    These Ruins of a Civilisation of 59950
    Film type: A comment on Climate Catastrophe today.

    The Wall of Civilisations and the Eclipse of Truth
    Film Type: The burning of books, the burying of scholars and the building of the Great Wall of China.