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Film with Social Comment

    I enjoyed meeting Miguel Angel Amortegui, who in Voices of the Jungle is a photograher and filmmaker 'capturing invisible stories behind every image'.

    The Shawl
    Film type: Serious.
    Plot: An exploration of the family life and customs of a Reform Jewish family through three generations. In each of the three stages a grandmother dies and leaves a shawl to her daughter.
    The daughter repairs the shawl. Finally the shawl contains no material of the original shawl, but is still the same shawl.

    Film type: Documentary. U is an asylum seeker living in London.
    Plot: I want to show him in his own words and his life story, both as himself and interspersed with this story from his friends. I want the audience to know what it is to be a devout Muslim,
    the persecution that asylum seekers face, the fortitude and calm that Islam gives to someone persecuted because of this, the reactions and support in love of the community around him,
    both Muslim and non Muslim, and his occasional triumphs after much struggle against the system that is confining him despite the attempts to drive him into destitution.

    My Polkadot T-shirt
    Film type: Political documentary hidden as a parable. An account of attitudes to paedophilia, dressed up with viewpoints translated into fashion statements, with the names of people
    involved retained. It could begin if, for instance, director Kevin Furber shows interest.

    The Missing Component
    Film type: Comedy then tragedy.
    Plot: The Missing Component moves from one society to another, where he becomes an invalid object. Driven insane, he runs out screaming into the street and is knocked
    over by a bus.

    The Friendship of Women and the Future of the Day
    Film type: Serious.
    I need to work out whether female porn is Wuthering Heights and Lady Chattersley's Lover. It is probably about intimacy, and all good porn should be about this.
    A lesbian couple, F1 a Lebanese christian and F2 a Jewish progressive are shown in natural surroundings in a relationship that works. The film starts with F1 naked
    and dressing to the music of Mozart. They have a dog Skippy, converse with a neighbour and take it for a walk.

    Microsoft Hits Back
    Film type: Deliberately not sure.

    The Return of Microsoft
    Film type: Deliberately can't be certain.

    One Day is a Thousand Years
    Film type: The life of Jesus from the Gnostics point of view, and the relevance in history, for today and the future.

    The Riddles of Hope and The Ruins of False Desire (uses the music of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars)
    Film type: Describes how ordinary people with claity of thought and vision who are forced by circumstances to become charasmatic leaders to create a new type of society have their
    message distorted and eventually almost unrecognisable, often deliberately to suppress the original thinking, but how this message nevertheless remains. It describes some aspects of
    my life, probably some mistakes that are quite human early on, and how this all became accumulated in a massive new vision. Despite a determination to spread the thinking out, avoid
    dogmatism and encourge new thinking everywhere, the story then becomes a Science Fiction account of the Billion Year Plan. In a commentary on the schisms in Christianity and Islam,
    it describes how my thinking, driven by political events, becomes two opposing Billion Year plans on the Republic of Mars. There are intense academic debates on the meaning of certain
    passages in my work, and an obviously false interpretation becomes current, after an intense and violent war between different interpretations. The texts become distorted and I become
    semi-human as an agent of God. One sect builds a Sanctuary of the Dead where I walk about amongst those visiting as a beautiful woman dressed in an emerald green dress resplendent in
    jewelry. Accounts are given of how I arrived by spacecraft on Earth and in my attire dispensed accounts of the Billion Year plan to admiring inhabitants of Earth. Another sect, a holiday
    company, seeing that independent thinking is an embodiment of what I am saying, decides that it is impermissible to read me at all. All my texts, including on the Billion Year plan, are
    destroyed apart from one copy in the Library of Truth on the grounds that they interfere with independent thinking. Memory of the Billion Year plan is obliterated as holidays are planned
    throughout the galaxy. A Martian transexual, adopting the name Wallace Adams and dressed in a resplendent emerald green dress, then starts a campaign to reconsider the Billion Year plan
    from first principles and come up with practical solutions on how to avoid the collision of the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies, which is a central concern of it. They are persecuted by
    the other two sects but continue to develop the Plan further.