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My love is like a river, and other poems

    1. Sabrina and Jim
    Smart Sabrina is rather natural
    as a nursing assistant
    polite and hardworking
    for gentleman Jim.

    A qualified assistant
    is a natural assistant
    in the long ending journey
    in the problems of life.

    Hardworking and beautiful
    is the natural assistance
    to spread smiles around you
    in the conquest of life.

    2. Message to all Daleks. text

    3. No Time to Understand You. text

    4. It is Me. text written after a visit to Edinburgh zoo.

    5. Dust. text. Note: the sun will evolve to a Red Giant and expand beyond the Earth's orbit.

    6. Protection. text

    7. My Love is Like a River. text

    8. Stormy Twilight. text

    9. Declaration of Insanity from a Prison of the Mind (by David and Jim Adams)
    1. Delusion, hyperdelusion and the conquest of mind.
    2. Kafka and the imprisonment of the soul.
    3. Helplessness in sadism of the flesh and slavery towards a new mind.
    4. Distance and the exclusion of resource. This composition speaks almost nothing to me. I would
    like a performace accompanied live where it is revealed as innovative drivel.
    5. Declarations of intent.
    6. The British Imperialist Subentity debate on Brexit.

    10. Then said .. text