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Iteration 0, 100E year plan, 10E component, 4E component

    This website relates to the draft of the 100 Earth year (100E) rolling forward plan. This section relates to the 10E plan, in particular for years 2E and 3E.

    1. Considerations on the Alphonse directorate are open, secret or an open secret. We are nonviolent. The directorate will be set up in year 3E. This will be in Hanoi.
    Scenarios exist for installation in the BR (British Republic) SEA in year 5E, which we would prefer not to have to deal with - see the Postevolutionary Systems are
    Evolving part of the lower level website for further details, and Gaza City in year 6E. For the British Republic, I have been ejected from England which is a great relief
    to me. It would be possible to interfere in its politics. Arising from what is already in the pipeline, I must complete it. After that, if there is no independent response
    (but it should be considerable) I would be happy not to interfere further. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. If the English do not want
    democracy, and they are not after all of this concerned enough to know why they do not have one, they should be left alone in the mire of their own discontent.

    2. Alphonse will consider Permaculture Development from Havana, and a predictive hour-by-hour database on Monsanto will be developed.

    3. The R-DAX network will be set up.

    4. Clara development on cognitors will proceed to construction using supercomputers in Havana. A different architecture will be developed in Managua and construction
    facilities are planned there. The programme will be backed up in Vardas 3, and cooperation will continue with WIT in Waterford, UCC Engineering in Cork and in

    5. The lower level website will be translated in Shanghai to Chinese. The development of cognitors is planned to expand in Havana. This includes the Conspiracy-first
    cognitor search engine rival to Google. It will exclude English.

    6. Development of all volumes of NSL will be complete by the end of 2E. NSL has applications to Investigations into Universal Physics, IUP, which will not be complete
    theoretically until the seconf half of plan 6E, in particular vacuum oscillations, which are part of our energy programme in Vardas 3 and Isfahan will be using this theory
    and they will be independently conducting research. Tehran research institutes are involved.

    7. The top level website is being developed, in particular Avasta.