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Iteration 0, 100E year plan, 10E component, 2E component

    My point of view is that long range planning should exist, even though quite a few people do not want to follow it. These plans are rolling-forward plans and not fixed from the
    beginning. The idea is that we cannot predict, but we should try. There should be many iterations of this as plans are successively developed and improved - this is a Japanese
    methodology of continuous improvement. That is why there is a 1,000 million year plan. You are expected to modify it! This website relates to the draft of the 100 Earth year
    (100E) rolling forward plan. This section relates to the 10E plan, in particular for the next two years.

    1. Considerations on the Alphonse directorate, which will deal with cognitive defence to physical attack, have begun as of 15 Jume 2019. These considerations are open, secret
    or an open secret. We are nonviolent. No directorate will be set up until the second half of the next 2E plan increment (year 3E).

    2. Clara has a subcomponent which will develop cognitors. Conversations with the University in Reykjavik are imminent and may continue until 29 June 2019. The programme
    will be enhanced in Cork, and it may be possible to develop cooperation also with WIT in Waterford and UCC in Cork. An opportunity has arisen from the need to translate the
    lower level website into Spanish. The first three volumes of NSL should be avilable in Havana by 31st May 2020. The development of cognitors is planned to expand in Havana,
    but after January 2020. This will include the development of Conspiracy-first cognitor search engines. These will be in Spanish to begin with and will exclude English. There are
    long-range plans for manufacturing research in Managua.

    3. Development of volume 5 of NSL will commence in Cork from 2 June 2020. It has applications to physics research, in particular vacuum oscillations, which are part of our
    energy programme. From November 2020 this will transfer to Isfahan, where we hope to obtain agreement on research collaboration. Tehran research institutes are not that far
    away. A month later, the translation of the website into Arabic will begin.

    4. Plan 10E, 4E (years 2E and 3E)